Poster Perfection have included individual artist profiles to show the multiplicity of aesthetic viewpoints, and to inspire site visitors, thinking that presenting specific artists would be better than generalized writing about art.

     The artist profiles on our site are meant as introductions to the artists, rather than as comprehensive studies. Our viewpoint is more of an everyday lover of the art world rather than an educator, critic or art historian; we would like to present each artist as much as possible. We include biographical information to place the art and artist in a historical context, rather than as factual biography.

     As sources for the profiles, we have used the Internet, books and art magazines. Sometimes this results in factual inaccuracies of details as taken from various sources. We apologise in advance for any errors that we have presented in the individual profiles, and we have always tried to research from a wide variety of reputable sources to avoid this.

     Please do not depend on the factual accuracy of these profiles for academic papers and school reports. Poster Perfections purpose is to try to explore the intentions of the artists, and the meaning of the artworks.

     We hope that you enjoy our site and please feel free to leave any constructive comments on our following email address customerservice@posterperfection.com.