Catherine Ruane

Catherine Ruane earned two Master of Fine Arts degrees, one from San Diego State Univ. and the second from Otis Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. The artist grew up in the Imperial Valley, a rich agricultural community in southern California filled with tomato fields and date-palm farms. As a child Catherine traveled with her grandparents along the western coast of California, Oregon and Washington State. It was during this time of travel the artist learned to explore and record the unique vegetation that grew along the western coastline. Her grandmother kept a diary of daily events and taught her granddaughter to do the same. Catherine’s early diary consisted of drawings of weeds and twigs she discovered on daily adventures. Bits of shells, rocks and weeds were all carefully recorded as a journal of her travels. There was nothing too insignificant not to include. Even the tiniest of leaves would be rendered and notated. The seemingly unimportant was indeed worth recording.

Ms. Ruane’s work includes those same careful recordings of a day’s discoveries. The attention to details in her drawings and paintings are there to reflect her careful observations of what she regards as saturated with wonder. Catherine Ruane attended Catholic school, moved on to San Diego State University where she studied painting and printmaking. She studied Renaissance painting in Florence, Italy returning to the states to continue her interest in painting and printmaking, earning her second master’s degree in L.A. at Otis Institute of the Arts. She then started Acorn Studios where she printed limited edition prints as a master printer for local L.A. artists.

Catherine’s work sold as well to collectors across the country and is included in many corporate collections including, Walt Disney Corp., Fox Studios, Citibank, BMW, Sony Corp., Wachovia, Turner Broadcast Network, and IBM.

Catherine works and lives in Buckeye, Arizona. She is currently actively showing her work in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area including the juried biennial exhibition at the Tempe Ctr, for the Arts , the Herberger Theater Center Art Gallery, the West Valley Art Museum, the Shemer Center Museum, the Burton Barr Central Library and as a private exhibition for the Phoenix city Mayor’s Office.

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