David Spindel

David M. Spindel began his career as a commercial still-life photographer in 1964 and has since combined extraordinary mastery of his craft with insightful and imaginative wit. Personally selected by John Lennon to photograph what was to be his last recording session, Spindel`s images document the last days before Lennon`s death. Throughout his prolific career, major newspapers, magazines, art publications, and televisions shows the world over have applauded Spindel`s unique approach to photography. Whether creating an antique still life, his legendary baseball memorabilia collages, celebrity portraits, or his humorous rebuses, David M. Spindel`s photography is truly captivating.

Well known collectors of Spindel`s work include: Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, George Burns, Kate Hepburn, Billy Crystal, Donald Trump, Jerry Lewis, and Yoko Ono to mention just a few. Television personality Regis Philbin said "David Spindel is a little eccentric; however, you have to put up with him because he is a genius".

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