Sanford Roth

Sanford H. Roth (1906–1962) was an internationally known photographer whose work has appeared in Time, Life, Look, Fortune, Paris Match, Elle, Der Stern, Harper`s Bazaar, Vogue, Oggi, People, and other publications. His photographs of James Dean still appear regularly in books, magazines, print and other works all over the world.

Sanford Roth was born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His profession of managing chain stores brought him to Los Angeles, California in the 1930s, where he met and married Beulah Spigelgass. In 1946, he quit his career to pursue his real passion—photography—and the Roth’s moved to Europe. Soon Sanford, also known as "Sandy", became a photojournalist not only to the film industry, but to other notable people of his time.

The Roth’s traveled between Hollywood, Europe, and other locations around the globe. They shared a passion for cats, shopping, clothes, Paris, Rome, flea markets, Roman antiquities, art, and people. Sanford Roth`s photographs became synonymous with a sense of quality and intimacy capturing unreachable celebrities and artists in moments when their guard was down.

Sanford Roth died of a heart attack in Rome, Italy, while preparing to work on the film Cleopatra in 1962

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