Albert Williams

Albert Williams was born in Sussex on 20th March 1922. Both his father and grandfather were artists and, having studied painting with them, Albert Williams attended art schools in London and Paris. He studied figure and portrait painting under the late Louis Ginnett as well as landscape and water-colour painting under the late Charles Knight.

Albert Williams has had his works exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of Oil Painters, the Royal Water-colour Society, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Paris Salon, the Edinburgh Festival and at numerous other prestigious galleries in London and around the country.

He has specialised in floral painting for many years, mostly working in oil. At all times he takes his compositions directly from nature, each flower being a portrait of an individual bloom that is incorporated into the final composition.

Influenced in the early years by the Dutch 17th century school of flower painting and by the botanical draughtsmanship of Gerard Van Spndonck, Albert Williams soon discarded the tight classical style which he found restrictive. He began to paint modern flowers with a more natural and personal style. At present he is working away from his previous botanical style of painting to create a freer, easier mood in his work. He paints every day, particularly during the season which extends from Spring to late Autumn. Should a picture not be completed during the season of its subject, it will be put aside until the flowers are available next year.

He has keen interests outside his painting, including a fascination with art of all cultures and periods, particularly the Russian 19th century and the Soviet 20th century. He enjoys the music of the 19th and 20th centuries, and particularly German Romanticism, Wagner and Strauss. A regular visitor to the theatre, ballet and opera, Albert Williams is actively involved with the world peace movement and various ecological and environmental organisations.

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